We curate edgy and chic statement jewelry and accessories.  These pieces will transcend any outfit into high fashion glam, build confidence and elevate a woman's individual style identity.

Fashionista and owner of Prissy and Posh Boutique, Khiana Leapheart is a native of Kansas City, Kansas and currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

As a recent survivor of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I heard the words that no woman wants to hear.  “You have Breast Cancer” or in medical terms Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Once I began my journey into what would become my 'new normal' which included chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomy and radiation. I decided I'd fight my cancer battle by looking better than I felt. 

Therefore, no matter how sick I was or how bad I felt.  I was sure to go to chemo and radiation 'runway ready' wearing a piece of statement jewelry or a fashion accessory to let cancer know. "I'm alive, fighting and looking good while doing it".

Additionally, I am a certified Breast Cancer Mentor through the American Cancer Society, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker with a passion for inspiring, empowering and building confidence in women.